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Not Your Momma’s Game Pad

Not Your Momma’s Game Pad

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Not Your Momma's Game Pad is not your average old-school game pad. It mixes oldies-but-goodies with fun modern games. It's perfect for sleepovers, restaurants, recess, camp, travel, and much more. 

NYMGP includes: 

HANGMAN- A classic guessing game in which one player chooses a secret word while others try to guess it before their time runs outs! 

A to Z- A think-fast game in which players must come up with the most clever responses for a given category using all letters of the alphabet. 

DOTS-is the perfect boredom-buster where dots become lines and lines become boxes. The player with the most boxes wins. 

WORD HUNT-Try to be the player to find the most words in this exciting word-finding game. 

SONG SWITCH-Have fun flexing your musical muscles while you sing, rap, or speak lines from songs with a chosen word. 

Recommended for ages 8 & up 

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